What do Professionals think of Choose Life?

Choose Life has educated well over six thousand Professionals on the issues surrounding addiction. This includes the Police recruits of Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, GMP and North Wales. We have also educated such diverse groups as Park Wardens, Teachers, Social Workers, Crime and Criminology Students, Psychology Students, Action for Children, Job Centre Plus and many others.

Below is some of the feedback we have received;


PC 7202 Mike Burns


Dear Sir /Madam 
 I am a serving Police Officer with GMP and i have been a law trainer for new Police recruits for the past 6 years . On Wednesday 22nd Oct I attended at Leigh rugby ground to watch a presentation from the Choose life project which was being delivered by Steve Duffy a Prison officer. Also delivering an input were two people named Brian and Julie who are ex addicts. 
The session was probably the most impactive session i have ever witnessed. Steve’s delivery was superb with lots of live data to back up his PowerPoint programme, which kept all the students interested. Brian and julie were absolutely open and honest delivering their stories, which clearly had a massive emotional effect on the students. I don’t think it is too far fetched to say that these people have changed some Officers way of thinking when they next deal with drug addicts.
I believe there will be some formal feedback but i was so impressed that i felt the need to e mail you direct. If there is anything that I can do to assit in your project at any stage please do not hesitate to contact me as I believe it is in all interests to forge links with projects such as yours. Please pass on my best wishes to Brian and Julie and i am hopeful that they can continue thier recovery 
Thank you PC 7202 Mike Burns



Dr Alana Barton, Lecturer in Critical Criminology. Edge Hill University.


“In all my experience working in higher education, I have not encountered such emotional and enthusiastic feedback from students.”



Social Worker Student Liverpool.


“It was amazing. Hearing the stories about the way in which people have to pay for their drug habits. You don’t realise things like this go on. It was so interesting”



Thank you from Lancashire Constabulary

I would just like to say a big thank you to Steve Duffy and the volunteers who attended the two day talk. On behalf of my colleagues I would like to pass on our gratitude for the experiences shared with us throughout the two days. The volunteers were very brave and it must have been very emotional for them to share their stories with complete strangers. It has definitely changed my views and will be very beneficial in our future roles so thanks again and we wish all the volunteers every success.
Submitted by: Carla Martin



 Sergeant North Wales Police

I attended the presentation at St Asaph on 07/03 and thought it was superb. The accounts from Peter and Paul were really effective and I have a lot of respect for them both. I hope to see the project in North Wales more often. Many thanks

Submitted by: Dave Owens



 Choose Life – a real ‘Life saver’

This last week I had the pleasure to meet some extremely brave individuals, not only are they finally clean of their evil addiction, they were brave enough to stand up and tell a crowd of strangers, of their own personal life stories and experiences. Nothing can change their past criminal lives, but if they can reach out and prevent the same thing from happening to another, then they are truly on their own road to recovery. The project was a great insight into the past lives/daily experiences of these individuals and if it wasn’t for their honesty, we wouldn’t be able to understand how we can help and prevent others from traveling down that same path. Keep up the good work, I am already spreading the good word of the project to other organisations hoping that they too could benefit as much as I did, Thanks. (These are my own true personal reflections) P.S Steve, your a real credit to the prison service!!
Submitted by: Police Offcer, Lancashire Constabulary



 Andrew Skyner PC 2646


 I attended at Bryn Deva today for the ‘Choose Life’ project and two things need to be mentioned:

· Firstly, I need to stress how brilliant the project was. The primary children (yrs 4+5) were ‘open jawed’ for a whole hour and the questions by the children at the end were endless….hand up after hand up after hand up!

· Secondly, the school have asked that I pass on their comments on the performance directly to yourself. They thought it was ‘Powerful, Engaging and Extremely Beneficial’ for the children. The teachers were also absorbed into the project.

Overall a clear message was provided, despite the children been of such a young age. Bryn Deva has asked if this can be delivered again in the future!

Kind Regards Andy.



Wrexham Youth Service,Alicia Grant,Education Officer.


Excellent manner with the young people,well able to engage with them, all young people commented they found it useful.



Dear Steve,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation:  “I used Steve and the Choose life project when I was the Diversity co ordinator at the National Police Training centre at Warrington and in a similar role at the Greater Manchester Police. Steve is passionate about his work, desperately wants to assist former users to turn their lives round and divert others from the sordid world of drugs. The project is fantastic and was very well received by the Police who witnessed it, even though they were very reticent beforehand!”
Service Category: Police
Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)
 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


Hi All,


I would just like to say a massive thank-you to everyone involved in the Choose Life Project, which was held at the Wigan Centre today.  It was an absolute success.   It was an innovative approach to educating our young people, surrounding the harmful and devastating effects of addictions.   Steve Duffy, Project Manager and his volunteers Gary, Gillian and Kerry, actively engaged with approx 25 learners from the Wigan and Chorley Centre and shared their real life experiences, which was both emotional and inspiring.  Thank you so much for bravely sharing your personal stories with our young people, in an honest, open and frank manner.


The feedback from our young people was all positive, I truly believe the day has made a massive impact on them.  I would really recommend this day to other centres and consider it to be the best way forward to reach out to our young people, in order to tackle drug awareness, addictions and other social issues our young people face daily. 

Many Thanks again,

Callie Hickey

Pastoral Tutor




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