What do young people think of Choose Life?

We have educated well over five thousand young people all over the North West and Wales. We have worked with young people in Schools, Colleges,Youth Clubs, Pupil referal units,Behavioural units and Youth Offending Teams.The feedback has always been excellent and it must be remembered all the young people went home and on line to post these comments,  here is a small sample of the literally hundreds  of evaluations.


When I heard that you were coming to our school to talk about drugs, I didn’t really know what to expect. What we usually get is some guy from the police force giving us a power point presentation and repeating the phrase ‘Don’t do drugs.. they’re bad for you’, and stuffing us with facts and figures. What I most certainly did not expect was being introduced to three ex-drug addicts. I must say, I admire their strength to share their stories and experiences with us. No, I don’t know the effects drugs can have on someone’s life, but I can understand that they are addictive and can take over someone’s life. Therefore, I was so surprised to see these three volunteers who started doing drugs from young ages, still alive and well, wanting to change their lifestyle and ensure a better future for young people like us. I must also say, that I was very touched when one of the volunteers said ‘If I could save one of your lives today, I’d be happy.’
I just wanted to thank you for opening our eyes and sharing the real experiences of taking drugs.
Thank you ever so much, and keep up the excellent work!! (:


Well done!!!!!

I could watch the play again and again, its amazing, funny, sad, moving, interesting, very informative, and to keep our young people so quiet is a great achievement! You have made a big impact on all of us, made us think about life and how any one of us could be affected by the issues raised in the play. The actors are amazing, and so brave to have the courage to stand up and speak about their own experiences. It makes us all realise how lucky we are and how easy it is to lose our way in life. Comments off all our young people are very positive, “it was very good and interesting” “it was funny,and i learnt a lot” “the play was boss and it made me understand more about drugs and prison life” “the play had a big effect on me and has improved my knowledge of drugs” “good information, helpful, and interesting” “changed my thoughts on drugs,showed me what lengths drugs can bring you to and thought it was presented well” “changed my opinion on drugs, and drug addicts” “it was good to hear how it felt to be involved in drugs and that they told us about their own personal lives” Thanks to you all for sharing your experiences with us, you should all be really proud of yourselves, its a great thing you are doing.



Thanx very much i liked it very much and it made me not h8 drug users instead it made me feel sympathetic and feel lucky.


Excellent work

Thanks to Shawn, Paula, Julie and Steve for a great presentaion and a real life account of the dangers of addiction. It was honest, to the point and very informative. An inspirational and well executed presetation. I loved it. Keep up the good work and best of luck for the future.


Thank you choose life !!

Thank you so much for the amazing day on the choose life project..i learnt so much and it really made a difference to my prospect on life now
thanks so much

Well Done..

Hey, Urm Just Wanted To Say Thank You For Coming To Glan Clwyd.. It Was A Real Eye Opener And I Learnt So Much. It Made Me Realise How Lucky I Am And It Made Me Realise How Sorry These People Are, And How They Live They’re Lives In Regret. It Showed Me How Little I Ac tually New About Drugs And Before This Project Came To Our School.. And No Doubt Sometime In The Future I Would Have Come Across Drugs. And I Wouldn’t Have Known Any Better But Now I Do.. And Thank You So Much For Opening Up My Eyes And Helping Me To See Life In Colour For Once. What You Are Doing Is Such A Great Thing For Teenagers.. Keep Up The Good Work (: xx


A big thnxz 2 Angila, Brian, Paul and Micheal

Can i say a big thnxs 2 Angila, Brian, Paul and Micheal 4 cumin 2 are school nd tellin us about there life nd wot drugs do..Hope u cum bk 2 holyhead high agen…Am gona go nw coxz i will keep gona on …Bye bye…Luv Jodie xx


Just Wrightin to say The Show Was Great And i realy lernt somthing about drugs i think it was reali good for the lady to tell us her life story im sure that was ready hard and it real made me shut the hell up and listen
Michael Is A Fitty 😛 and was gr8
thanx all
From Nikita (Ysgol Tywyn

Thank you

Thank you for the choose life project i had a good time and i no were i dont want to do drugs  in life
thank you lots


You came to brynhyfryd and you gave me a very doos example of how peoples Life When They Were On DRUGS.
I Thought That Was A Very Good Person to Show as an example because he had a terrible life and Has given up the addiction to drugs and is living a good happy life.
I Also Really Liked Carl Because he Answered some very good questions and was a good Person to show how life is when on drugs.
Thank you For A Good 2 Hours And Hope To See You Again.


I thought that your presentation was absoulutley amazing. You can’t beat what you guys did. I’d like to thanks Phil(one of the guys) because his life story change the way that all of us think. I know now what drugs can really do to you. Thanks very much and good luck. You are AWESOME

Big Thank You

To Steve Duffy and Julie (sorry I didn’t get your surname.)  You delivered a presentation (Choose Life) to the Step Closer 2 Work project in February 2010. I just wanted to say it is the most valuable training I have ever received.  Steve’s previous job experience as a Prison Warden and Julie’s life experience as an ex-addict was a graphic insight to another world.  Julie is an inspiration to others and I will definitely be using her story as an example to the people I work with of somebody who has turned her life around. Thank You Both so much for your time.

Life storie

Today carl came to knowsley enterprize the 1 from middlesbrough telling us about his life storie and how drugs mucked his life up thank you for coming carl it was good.

Life story 2010

To the life story team thank tou very much for the intersting talk about your life when you were taking drugs.What i have learned from that is that not only do you get heart on the outside you also get heart on the inside so all i got to say is thank you so very very much for the very well earned talk so once again thank you very much.
submited by rebecca  2010


 Just wanted to say a big thankyou you guys are awesome!!!!!hope we see you again at Ysgol Dinas Bran.


That was a brilliant day for all of us at the school. All the volunteers were so brave and I rearly enjoyed my self today. Thank you for a great day.


St Wilfred’s High Litherland, Liverpool.

Everything was excellent, could not do a thing better!


Flint High School May 2012.

 I think its great because people judge others without knowing their past,so the talks open up peoples eyes and make us understand.


Flint High School May 2012

The life stories were very insightful,it made me feel different about a lot of things.

 St Georges High School,Bootle, Liverpool.

This was the best drug education i have ever had, normally its teachers or a policeman,this was real life.

St Mary’s High School Aigburth Liverpool.

Excellent,the life stories i will never forget.
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