The Volunteers “The essence of Choose Life”

The volunteers are at the very heart of this project, and we have had over six hundred of them over a period of ten years
In all that time we have never seen someone give up drugs and carry on committing crime, we have seen the relapse and start committing crime, but it is the case once the crime stops so does the drugs.

Once someone comes off drugs they always want to give something back to the community and our volunteers have been fantastic. Here are some comments from our volunteers;

Colin Cassidy.


I have volunteered for Choose Life on many occasions. While I do it so that Young People can hear first hand the horror on life addicted to Class A drugs is like and will hopefully educate them not to go down that route, I also get so much from this Project.

It has improved my confidence and self esteem and has made me think about my life and the decisions I made. Choose Life has definitely been a positive in my life and I would encourage any Education Establishment to book in Choose Life and any person in recovery from Drugs and Alcohol to apply to volunteer.

 Being involved with the Choose Life project has been a great experience. Telling my life story to large groups of people, including students and new police recruits, has really boosted my confidence. As volunteers, we always get positive feedback from the audience, which lets us know we’re doing something worthwhile.

Everyone’s story is different. For me, drugs and alcohol became a part of my life as I struggled with being transgender. I’ve never spoken about it so publicly before, and it helps to know that people don’t judge me as harshly as I used to judge myself.

Steve is brilliant to work with, as friendly and supportive a person as you could meet. He’s even encouraged me to get back into education.

Thank you to Steve and all the volunteers I’ve worked with on Choose Life!



































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