Choose Life Evaluations.

Choose Life Evaluations.

Choose Life has had excellent feedback from both Professionals and Young People, as can be seen on this web site. We have also had two more formal evaluations from Dr Alana Barton of Edge Hill University and also Professor Paul Cooper of Leicester University. Both can be down loaded from this web site.



The effect and enlightenment that our volunteers give to young people should never be underestimated. Once in a Welsh school the Project Manager looked over at six young girls all aged about fifteen were talking to one of our lady volunteers, as he looked closely they were all crying? When the Project Manager enquired what the problem was she asked the young lady to tell the Manager what she had just told the volunteer.

She stated that she hated her mother because she chose Heroin over her. It turned out her Mother was a prostitute working in Old Colwyn, one day she was crossing the road with a punter when a car knocked her down. The punter ran away and the car drove off. Her Mother died on the spot.

The Young girl said that till that day she had hated her Mother but know after listening to the volunteers understood what her mother was going through.

She wrote us a letter and gave it to one of our volunteers as she was leaving.Please feel free to view the letter by clicking on it.